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392                    -      UFE OF
gerons and suspicious news., but  this Is certainly un-
In July,,  Humboldt  left  Berlin., and made first a
Journey to Silesia, to choose the estates which were to
form Ms dotation, then., In the "beginning of August,
lie visited the state chancellor in Carlsbad, where he
was recruiting Ms health.     Although their connexion
had been shaken,   by  the   late   events, all         still
apparently smooth, and the                      was   here
made that Humboldt should          for the chancellor
on the "banks of the RMnes to             the new estates
with him.
But Humboldt had scarcely departed when Har-
denberg regretted this arrangement, and sent Hum-
boldt a despatch that his presence in London was
urgently necessary,                lie was to proceed at
once to Ms post. The chancellor would not keep a
man        him who           such an impression, wher-
ever he spoke or acted, and who had only just "before
given him such trouble in        state council He
therefore sent him this order? -which could not easily
be disregarded. Humboldt's friends^ Indeed, advised
him, as the chancellor seemed tmwilEng to fulfil his
promises regarding- the ministry,, to reliise London,
and re-enter the council, as during Ms absence he
would lose his influence, but Humboldt determined
to go.
After spending a few weeks in Frankfurt, Hum-
boldt proceeded to London In September. He went
"by way of Brussels,, where lie had an audience of the
Mng? and remained a short time ; and the London
journals of the 8th October, 1817, announced that
the new Prussian ambassador. Baron von "Humboldt,
had arrived in London^ accompamed by his secretary
of legation, Freiherr Ton Billow. He waited on the
prince regent on the 10th October, but had not a
formal audience for the presentation of Ms credentials
timtll the 5th December^ as the death of the princess
OmrI0tte3 heiress presumptive to the throne, had
the court and country in deep mourning.